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Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, next to the Atlantic Ocean breeze, Lesley hopped the US border at the tender age of 7 and hasn't stopped traveling since. Experiencing different lives and culture at a young age spawned a wanderlust that keeps her searching for inspiration, experiences, beauty, and adventure all over the globe.

She is a storyteller who is deeply affected by the marriage of art and literature. Within her work you'll find long limbed beauties with dangerous claws, stories of sea swept sirens, and creatures from the deep.

Pouty-lipped heroines with melancholy softness permeate to create a peculiar world filled with chimera and charm – a bewitching gathering of all the cloven-hoofed vixens that prance in her head. Her female characters are strong and ethereal. The heart of her paintings lie within their concepts, each piece expanding your imagination as she takes you by the hand and leads you on a journey with her.

Reppeteaux has shown with Thinkspace, Copro/Nason, La Luz De Jesus, Gallery 1988, Strychnin, Last Rites, as well as many esteemed galleries both nationally and internationally. She has been featured in King Brown, Hi-Fructose, Art Prostitute, Xfubs and Lemonade Magazine as well as BEASTS, the hardcover book by Fantagraphics.

you can contact her thru: